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Kalapad Trading Group

With a young team of highly talented, educated and experienced specialists in the field of Customs and transportation, KALAPAD is offering its vast services of Customs, import, export, product order, custom clearance and transit from major customs and obtaining the necessary permits.

Some of the organization’s facilities and activities include:

  •   Expert human  resources and consultancy , management and operational  services
  •   Equipped with representative offices abroad
  •   Cooperation with more than 200 commercial and manufacturing companies
  •   Active presence in regional ports and customs
  •  Operational capabilities in the field of import, export, international corresponding , sales , transportation, insurance , custom clearance with competitive prices, documentation , placing orders with foreign companies and all commercial affairs in forms of transportation , placing an order and obtaining the related permits within a short period of time.
We hope that through delivering up to date information and concentrated and efficient services we can help this field develop every day.

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